Soothe the Soul Audio Meditation

“See how nature—trees, grass, grow in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. . .

We need silence to be able to touch souls.
This includes your soul!” 



Dearest one,


The wind is blowing vigorously here in Vilcabamba which can be challenging since we have no windows, things fly all over the place from time to time, including my hair. . .


This stormy weather only lasts for three months so I take it as an extra invitation to keep my YES practice going 😉


What is fascinating too is that in the centre of every storm is stillness.


This stillness contains enormous power.


I find it helpful to know there is that same stillness in us. A stillness that is so powerful it can handle anything, even the biggest life challenges.


It’s in the gap between two thoughts,
It’s there in the beauty of a flower,
a sunset and the noticing of your own breath.
It’s there where you feel peace return, where there is unfathomable joy.


Do you ever feel too hurried to just stop, breathe, feel the stillness, and tune back into yourself?




Being still and sitting without distraction has been something I avoided for quite a while. I felt too busy to just sit and regarded it as a waste of time.


Our thoughts say these kinds of things. . .


I also noticed however, that I became more and more distracted.
More and more like I was always behind.


Whatever I did, it was never enough. This NEVER ENOUGH mentality is draining us of our life energy. From getting up in the morning, to going to bed at night.


The idea that whatever you do, or who you are is never enough, is a painful way to be.


I started to feel very exhausted by this chase of life.


I felt something had to change.
Not on the outside, but from within.


I started so simple that my mind could handle it.
I started to breathe consciously.
One, two, three conscious breaths a day. That’s it.


In the beginning I didn’t notice much difference. But I kept with it, since I knew this ancient practice has been taught for centuries as a way to return to peace.


Breathing takes us out of our habitual thinking into presence. Over time, I truly started to feel this as my anchor.

Now, whenever my worry thoughts start again, I return to breathing.


And my naturalness and my sense of peace comes back.
Is it that simple? Yes!


We’ve been disconnecting from our breath for way to long. Breath symbolizes life. We’ve disconnected ourselves from LIFE!


Today, let’s connect back.


It’s why I want to share this short and powerful guided meditation with you (see top of this page), in the hope that it supports you in returning back to peace in just a few minutes. When you listen, put on your stereo headphones.


Like me, I hear many people say, they have no time for meditation. Now I say, do you have time to feel distracted, unhappy, and disconnected?


Gift yourself these few minutes to return to peace and your whole day will unfold differently.


With more harmony, joy, ease, and creativity. . .


One breath is all it takes to start!


Enjoy, my love!


Much LOVE,


P.S. The wind even infused itself into the meditation audio recording. Take this as a reminder that no matter how stormy your life is sometimes, stillness is always within you.

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