Who is the Femme Royale




he Femme Royale is a woman who is deeply intuitive, powerful, and confident. She develops her inner strength from walking the rocky path of facing her pain, shedding the old, and embracing who she is.


This woman knows without facing her deepest fears, her fullness cannot blossom.


Beauty, trust and true power come from the realisation of who she is in her essence. It comes not from anything outside herself, but from deep within.


Through practice and determination she has learned to sit with her pain, rather than run from it. She’s able to hold both darkness and light and therefore is the natural emanation of beauty and grace.


I’ve come to see there are three main phases for women to develop in order to embody the woman we’re here to be.


Root into being. Nourish your body temple. Prosper as your royale Self.


I call her the Femme Royale.



Why be a Femme Royale


To me the reason we came to earth is to experience the wholeness of life. This also means not creating more suffering for yourself and others.


The more we live in alignment with the truth of who we are (love) the more our life can flourish and prosper.


When we heal ourselves from scarcity and fear, we can become beacons of light, way showers and leaders for our families, our friends, and for a new and loving world.



Who is Femme Royale for


The Femme Royale process – root, nourish, and prosper – is for women who are dedicated to be who they really are.


For women who are tired of holding back in fear, who are willing to face the darkness, and step into the light of their own power and prosperity.


It’s for all women who long to express themselves more fully, share their heart, truth, and stand in the magnitude of their beauty.



The roots are the sacred pillars of your soul and the foundation for your prosperous life.



Nourishing your sacred body temple with tenderness and love so you can flourish and bloom into your fullness.



Prosperity comes from the depths of your roots and the strength of your connection to the divine (your heart).

ROOT – Into Being


Your roots are about AWAKENING the beauty within.


This means you wake up to who you really are, (limitless) instead of who you thought you were (small and incapable). Your roots allow you to embody your inner purpose, which is to be your true Self.


Your roots are there to help you grow and expand as the Royale woman you’re here to be. Without roots, you’ll experience life as fearful and hard. A struggle.


They hold your dreams and visions and support you to keep steady through any of life’s challenges. Your roots are the foundation of your prosperous, thriving life.

NOURISH – Your Body Temple


Nourishing your holy temple, means deeply HONOURING and caring for yourself.


You come from a place of overflow. This assists you in being a channel for beauty and love.


Daily rituals allow you to create a deeper connection to yourself, to the joy in life and all that which helps you live in health, wealth and vibrancy.


Like any beautiful flower, you need to be showered with love and appreciation, just as you are, so you can grow and blossom.


Nourishing yourself at the deepest level has to do with holding yourself in love, no matter what.

PROSPER  – Fully As Yourself


Being prosperous is the EMBODIMENT of your true Self.


External abundance is simply a reflection of who you are in your essence.


You create a loving relationship with money. Money deeply encourages you to show up fully, in your own worth, true power and shine your light.


In this phase, you come from awakened action. This means your actions are fuelled by joy and love (not fear).


You live your outer purpose which is to embody and express your uniqueness and your beauty out into the world.

True prosperity is the blossoming of your spirit in service of love.