Saying yes to life

Why Saying Yes to Life Can Bring You More Peace

“The No to life, keeps us stuck in the mud,
while learning to say Yes in challenging moments,
opens the doors to more joy, ease, and flow in our daily life.”



Do you sometimes feel life is like swimming up against a stream?
That no matter where you turn, life somehow throws a curveball at you all the time?


It’s definitely what I’m experiencing in my own life.
Sometimes stronger than other times.

When I became more present, I started to notice how I was constantly saying ‘no’ to all kinds of things that occurred.


No to the weather (there’s always something not quite right about the weather, have you noticed?!).
No to my gray hair.
No to a traffic jam.

No to life changes I need to make.
No to my screaming child.
No to yet another plate falling into pieces on the floor.


Living with four children, there’s hardly a dull moment and my resistance grew.
I felt this unease and contraction every time something went ‘wrong’.


I was especially challenged when yet another plate hit the floor and break into a thousand pieces.


My heart would sink and my mind would race. The stories in my head started.


“This plate was so precious, you should have been more careful”.
“It was expensive, I can never find another plate like that etc.”.


I noticed this resistance showing up in many places in my daily life. I also saw how much damage my ‘No’s’ caused to my own inner state of peace and joy, and that of the people around me.


The underlying belief? Negativity works.


Well, like you being on the journey of growth long enough, I knew this wasn’t true. So I asked myself the question:


“Let’s see what happens when I say ‘Yes’ to the form that this moment takes.”


Although very challenging for my stubborn, knowing it all, righteous kind of self.
Slowly, but surely I started to notice a shift.


The shift was subtle but became more and more my conscious choice.
Simply because, I felt better.


I didn’t disconnect from myself, others, and life every time, something happened that I didn’t like. Life started flowing with more ease and joy. I also noticed solutions came from this place of acceptance.


I started to feel more like my true self.
Kinder and more compassionate.
More often going with the flow instead of against it.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I mess up all the time with this ‘Yes’ practice.


But perfection is not the point.
The point is, we simply choose more often to say ‘Yes.’  


Today, I invite you to look at the places in your life where you say ‘No’.

* Simply witness this without judgement.

* Breathe deeply.

* Feel what you feel.


. . . and if you can, CHOOSE AGAIN.


* Choose Yes and see how different you feel.


What is one thing you can practice today, to say YES to life more often.
Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.


Also if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.



“When you say Yes to what is, you align yourself
with the power and intelligence of life itself.”

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