When you awaken the beauty within, you tap into the source of your own purpose and prosperity

Welcome, I’m Fleur.

My mission is to assist women to release the fear that blocks their authentic power and magnificence. I know you have the power to transform and thrive as your true Self. It’s your natural state. Living a life of joy, abundance and courage is available for all of us. Work with me.

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Who is Femme Royale for

The Femme Royale process – root, nourish, and prosper – is for women who are dedicated to be who they really are.


For women who are tired of holding back in fear, who are willing to face the darkness, and step into the light of their own power and prosperity.


It’s for all women who long to express themselves more fully, share their heart, their truth, and stand in the magnitude of their beauty.

The Femme Royale Guide – 9 Rituals to True Prosperity
will help you:


– Release fear and self judgement so you can feel more confident, safe, and supported in this world.


–  Learn simple practices to nourish, connect and empower yourself.


– Align with the energy of abundance so you’ll feel truly wealthy, joyful and more fully yourself. Click here to download your guide.

Be in the holy remembrance of who you truly are.
Here and here alone lies your true prosperity.

Conscious parenting


Conscious parenting is all about empowering the parent (you) to come from wholeness instead of lack. To learn to see yourself and your child with different eyes. Not as broken but as whole.


The most important teaching to your children is not what you say or do,
but the depth of presence you embody.


My mission is to assist mothers, like you, to awaken the beauty within. I guide you to find deeper connection to yourself and your children so you naturally emanate more confidence, trust and inner peace to your kids, family and beyond.