My journey into conscious parenting


I started my conscious parenting journey after I received my first baby.


Although I had been on a spiritual journey for quite some time, I felt like becoming a mother truly brought me on my knees. I was faced with so much unresolved woundedness inside that I didn’t know what to do.


It wasn’t until my daughter was three that it started to dawn on me that it wasn’t my little daughter that was the “problem”, but me.


I was impatient, anxious, exhausted, fearful, and unfulfilled. I didn’t have the ability to feel my feelings and set clear boundaries. I was disconnected from me.


I had to change because my emotional outbursts where making us both miserable and I didn’t want to pass on my own unresolved inner wounds to her and future generations.





I started to learn about conscious parenting, about what it would take to heal myself.


Now so many years fast forward, being a mom of four, definitely still puts me to the test every single day. I stumble and get up again. I get to do it differently, breathe deeply and start all over.


After having worked intensively with Dr. Shefali and becoming a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, I now know, no matter how hard it gets, I’ll always find my way back home.


Being a peaceful parent hasn’t come easy to me. It took me a on a deep journey to better know myself, to go inside and ask over and over: “What is this here to teach me?”


Although difficult and confronting at times, it has been the best journey of my life.


With great compassion I’ve learned to take a step back, return to stillness so I can be in greater connection with myself and my children.


Now I’m thrilled and grateful to be sharing this way of parenting with other parents.





What is conscious parenting


It’s about liberating yourself from unconscious beliefs and habits, so you can live more fully and guide your children from a place of wisdom and joy.


Conscious parenting is all about empowering the parent (you) to come from wholeness instead of lack. To learn to see yourself and your child with different eyes. Not as broken but as whole.


Not as puppets to be manipulated, controlled, and owned but as human beings that come their own uniqueness to express.


My mission is to assist mothers, like you, to awaken the beauty within. I guide you to find true connection to yourself and your children, so you naturally emanate confidence, trust and inner peace to your kids, family and beyond.


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May we be the example of what we most want to see in our children.


The most important teaching to your children is not what you say or do, but the depth of presence you embody.


How we were raised is not the way we have to continue on with our own parenting. We can be the ones breaking the chains of endless suffering and pain, by guiding our children (and future generations) to follow their own heart, feeling their feelings and develop a deep trust in themselves.


This way they can shine their radiance into the world without apology.


How will conscious parenting help


Conscious parenting will assist you get back in touch with your intuition, inner peace and innate power. As you heal your own shame, unworthiness and doubts, you’ll offer your children safety, worth and a rootedness in themselves.


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In conscious parenting, I use the same principle as for the Femme Royale:
Root, Nourish, Prosper.



Getting back in touch with the essence of who you are through stillness, meditation and awareness practices. Looking deeply into unconscious beliefs, habits and the pain body (inner child) and with love and compassion shifting them into more peace.



Without nourishing ourselves as parents on a deep level, we’ll not be able to be there for our children. In conscious parenting it’s absolutely essential to learn how to care and hold yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I will guide you on how to nourish yourself within and without. So you can be a parent showing up in joy and fullness instead of running on empty.



Is about embodying your beautiful self. When we come from wholeness we emanate this to our children, who will then feel more empowered, confident and safe, ready to follow their own unique path as themselves.