Awaken the beauty within. Prosper being yourself.



You are called to live your life more fully and bloom being your true self. You know deep inside you no longer want to struggle. It’s time for you to rise and embody the true beauty that’s waiting to be awakened.


* You are a creative being, open to live your purpose. You want to thrive doing what you love.


* You’ve been in too much fear and doubt to take any steps forwards that you know you are called for. You’re open to unlock the power within. The world needs your uniqueness and beauty that would otherwise be lost.


* You’re a mom and have put yourself and your purpose last. You’ve given a lot. Now the pain of not living your fullest has brought you here. You are ready to allow your thriving life to unfold.


* You’re a mother, not knowing how to connect more deeply to your child(ren). You experience pain and struggle in your home on a daily basis. It’s exhausting and draining you. You’re looking for ways to live in more peace, joy and harmony with your child(ren) and family.





Femme Royale Mentoring


In the Femme Royale mentoring I offer a blend of intuitive guidance, presence practices, and ancient wisdom, to assist you to release the fear, doubt, and scarcity that you’ve lived with for so long.


I’m not here to change you but rather to offer the loving space for your innate brilliance to unfold.


I support you in freeing yourself of patterns, old beliefs, habits, and limitations. Come home to yourself and regain the trust that life cares for you.





If you’re ready to take the journey back home, face the darkness and step into the light you’re in the right place. I assist you to re align with your true purpose, maybe trembling, maybe stumbling, maybe full of fear.


All is part of the path of being more fully yourself. I’m here to hold your hand along the way.



How to book


In a free introduction call (approx. 1 hour), I’ll give you a powerful experience of what it’s like to work together and we can explore further options.


To book a free call, select a day and time in the calendar. Fill in your name and email and you’ll get an automatic email confirmation.





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