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9 Rituals to True prosperity. . . For you!

One of the biggest challenges today, I believe, is to be ourselves more fully. To come from a place of love, to rise above the fears that hold us back, and to prosper from the deepest source of our being.


And let’s face it, it’s not always easy to be on this planet. That’s why we need our daily rituals, our daily practices that can hold us and support us in challenging times.
There are plenty as you might have noticed.


My intention with this guide and with all the work I create, is that it will help you feel loved, feel held, feel your power, and that it will assist you to remember who you really are:


Magnificent. Powerful. Gracious and truly prosperous.


May it uplift and inspire you, and remind you that – YES -,
you are a Femme Royale.




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“Living life with your heart wide open,
while allowing your fear, your pain, your doubt
to turn into gold dust,
that is what it means to be a Femme Royale.”