You are here to bless the world with
your uniqueness and your beauty.

A few years ago I packed my bags to live in the wilderness of Ecuador with my family. Dedicated to live my life fully.


Now I’m assisting sensitive women all over the world, to release the resistance that’s in the way of their magnificence. So they can truly prosper being themselves.  Be a Femme Royale.


Dear one, your life can be transformed and shifted right where you are, right now!


No more waiting to feel good enough. You’re so good enough, in fact, that it can’t be put into words. You are nothing short of a miracle!


I was inspired to do this work after feeling quite inadequate for a big part of my life.


My fear, doubt and sense of unworthiness always seemed to lead me further away from my purpose and the courage to live with an wide open heart.


Thoughts of not feeling good enough, worthy enough, beautiful enough and smart enough seemed to almost always swirl freely inside my head.


For many years I felt lost in this world. Truly not knowing who I was and why I was here. Let alone what I was supposed to contribute.


It became unbearable when I wanted to express my true self in this world. I felt paralysed, fearful, shy and unable to be myself fully.


Since I was very little I’ve been highly intuitive and always the one to go to for visionary insights and advice. However, people also considered me invisible.


I was the kind of girl hiding in the back row of the class not wanting to be found out. All I wanted to do was be outside and play in the sunshine, collect beautiful treasures and talk to flowers and bugs.



Be free. Be me.


Even though I had been looking for the truth all my life, finally the pain of not showing up fully as myself became too big.


I became fierce and determined to change my life. Change the way I was thinking and being.


Shifting my unconscious lack mentality (not feeling enough) to seeing prosperity everywhere, especially inside myself.


It became clear that beyond our thoughts, emotions and personal stories of the past, lays a vast realm of incredible intelligence and power to be awakened. 


I started to observe my thoughts and integrate meditation, daily practices and rituals into every moment.


Most important of all, I started to slow down, be still, listen and look within. This was the beginning of awakening the inner most precious beauty.


The Femme Royale within had awakened.


And this is what I want for you too.


I believe in order to prosper in this world you must be your true Self.


This is why I created this sacred space for heart centred women.

To deepen our roots. To nourish our Soul and prosper feeling safe and supported in this world.


Through simple rituals and practices I guide women to face their deepest fears and remember their inner beauty. So they can fully blossom as themselves.


Many women are curious to hear how I live here in Ecuador.


So, my home is a breathing environment of aliveness, colourful flowers, birds, essential oils and sacred objects. Nature, beauty, vibrant foods, dancing in the kitchen and laughing out loud nourish me deeply.


My daily life is pretty hectic and just, like yours, full of challenges. So I rely on my daily practices and rituals to keep me live in a state of abundance and joy.


Like all of us, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. . .



I’ve lived in Amsterdam – where I grew up, Chicago, Paris, Bali and Vilcabamba (now).


My beautiful children and soul partner inspire me to grow and expand my heart every single day. The challenges of daily life and my desire to raise a peaceful family motivated me to become a certified Conscious Parenting Coach.


My mission is to assist women to release the fear that blocks their authentic power and magnificence. I hold space for everyone to discover the beauty within.


I know you have the power to transform and thrive. It’s our natural state. Living a life of joy, passion and courage is available for us all.


May you shout from the rooftops: “Here I am!”

May you be gentle and strong.

May you be fierce in your grace.


May you dare to keep your heart wide open, even when things get really tough.

May you love and embrace yourself exactly as you are.

May you rise up despite of your fear and heal yourself and the world.


You are the light.


I look forward to support you to find your truth and step into your power.

Fun facts


❥ Birth

Three of my four children were born unassisted at home in water. What an amazing journey that was. My oldest daughter was born in a hospital room, which we transformed into a sacred sanctuary.


❥ Celebration

A dream came true when I married my Soul partner of now 21 years, bare foot on a white sand beach on the magical island of Bali.


❥ The leap

I followed my heart by moving with my family to the other side of the world. It was pure intuition and trust, since we’d never even seen the place we where moving to!


❥ Spirit, Nature and Fashion

I absolutely love being in nature. I’m devoted to my connection to Spirit and a lover of high quality fashion. Think Isabel Marant and Dries van Noten…


❥ Health nut

My children call me a health nut, but the truth is I adore the best and highest quality organic foods. Okay, I might make some pretty hardcore green juices, but at the end we all GLOW. . . Haha


❥ Money

Money brought me to my knees. It has been and still is one of my greatest spiritual teachers. Money deeply encourages me to grow and show up as my true self.


❥ Wisdom

I’ve always been in love with the deep wisdom of ancient cultures. I must have been a shaman in past lifes 😉 Since my twenties I use rituals, meditation, singing and Kundalini Yoga to bring me back home to myself.


❥ Natural Perfume

I absolutely adore flowers. They uplift and inspire me. I also love their magical scents, and I use them to creating perfumes from the highest quality essential oils. These perfumes help me heal in many ways. They allow me to express myself more fully.

Every flower blossoms because it comes
through the darkness of the soil.