Money Truths

Six Money Truths The River Taught Me

“Nothing ever goes away until
it taught us want we need to know.”





My goodness. I don’t know about you, but the topic of money has gotten me on my knees many times.


It is as if money forced me to look where I never wanted to look.
In the deepest, darkest, ugliest parts of myself.


For a majority of my life, I unconsciously tried to hide from money and run away, pretending it wasn’t important.
I even was secretly wishing it didn’t exist. Ugh.


Now I finally came to a place where I can see money for what it is and gradually bow to it.
Bow to what it has forced me to look at.
Bow to what it has revealed.


The shame.
The insecurities.
The unworthiness.
The guilt.
The not enoughness.
The powerlessness.
The shyness.
The false self.



Even though money revealed a great deal, I’m still on a healing journey with it.
For the longest time I’ve actually been afraid, even terrified of money.


Why was I so afraid?
Why did I see money as something I wanted, and yet, feared?


The answer that came from within astounded me.


The way I thought about money was actually the way I thought about myself!


‘Really? Could this be true?’, I remembered thinking.


At a deeper level I knew it was true.
Yet it was a hard one to look at.


Have I been ignoring myself?
Have I been running away?
Have I been abandoning and been terrified of myself?




Scared of my power, the beauty, the immensity of light within.


Gasp. . .

It’s no wonder, money has fascinated me for many years.
It’s a big topic that I will be talking about a lot more.


Because I love it and because I’ve witnessed SO MUCH unnecessary pain around money in myself and others.


Disconnection, despair, powerlessness, and intense fear.


When you look deeper, you discover, It’s NOT money that causes us pain, but our thoughts about it. . .


We unconsciously want money to solve our life for us.
We want it to give us worthiness, freedom, love, security, and prosperity to name a few.


Yet, the invitation is always to go within and cultivate whatever you look for on the outside from within.


But how?


Although I’ve read countless books on money and attended an equal amount of courses, this time I decided to turn to the river for insight and guidance.


Water is the most powerful force.
To me it’s a symbol of prosperity.


Here are six truths the river taught me about money:


Truth #1—There is always enough


Humans often focus on not enough, yet nature knows no scarcity.
It’s always in a state of never ending prosperity.


Think of fruit trees, starry night skies, or your own breath.
Instead of focussing on what’s missing, bow to the abundance that’s in your life right now.


Trust that there is in you an infinite flow of creativity to bring your uniqueness out into the world.


Are you afraid of your power, of your creativity?


If you think money is limited, you’re confused.
The river shows there is always more where that came from.
The only limitation about money is in our own limited mind.




Truth #2—All of you is welcome here


The river is sometimes clear, sometimes muddy, yet it’s always beautiful.


Bring every part of you wherever you go.
Your weirdness, silliness, stubbornness.
It’s okay to be sad, frustrated, angry or overwhelmed.


There is nothing wrong with you – EVER!


Hold every part of you sacred.
It’s acceptance that transmutes all pain.
If you deny parts of yourself, you deny your prosperity.


Truth #3—Your words and the way you speak carry a vibration


Your vibration is low when you blame, judge, and complain.
If you keep saying ‘I’m a failure’, or it won’t work’, you’ll create anxiety.
When you’re anxious, you can’t access your creativity.


Keep your energy high by staying in alignment with your source which is LOVE.


This is where money comes from!


Truth #4—There is a natural rhythm in you


Sometimes the river is calm and gentle. Sometimes it’s fierce, wild, and unstoppable.


It’s the same for us.


Sometimes we naturally expand and produce, sometimes we need to slow down and replenish. Learn to trust the natural cycles within, just like ebb and flow. Just like the cycles of the moon. Otherwise whatever you do won’t be sustainable.


Truth #5—The river distributes water like blood through the body


Money is about flow. It wants to circulate. Whenever we push, strive and want to make things happen, we go against the flow.
Flow means ease, joy, and effortlessness.


When you start to value what you have to offer, money flows. (wow!)


Truth #6—Obstacles make you more beautiful


Just like the river shapes every stone and makes it more beautiful,
your life challenges force you to go deeper and to become more conscious.


Stop believing your limited thoughts that tell you you’re not good enough,
that you can’t do it, or that you don’t deserve great abundance.


Be like the river and let go.
Let go by recognizing who you are beyond these old beliefs.
May your wounds transmute into beauty.
So you can BE the ever growing stream of abundance.


To me it’s a fascinating journey to look beneath the service of money.
Our desire for it and our fear for it.


It’s all an invitation for deeper healing, and stepping more fully into your own authentic expression.


What is money trying to wake you up too?


With rivers of love, prosperity, and joy,

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