Scattering of the Old



As things are shaking and turbulent around us,
we are here to deepen the ground within.


For what is there to walk on, if the world around us is crumbling?


All we can truly rely on is our inner strength, our trust and a kind of holy knowing,
that no matter what happens, we’ll be okay.


For deepening to happen challenges are needed or else we’d stay the same. There wouldn’t be any need to cultivate inner power and a deeper connection to yourself.


This process of deepening also requires the scattering of the old, which can be a very painful process.


It’s the letting go of the known, the familiar and stepping into naked-ness of the unknown.


May we honour our tender hearts that want to stay safe.
May we hold ourselves in love at all times.
The temptation to turn back to the old ways is always pulling.


Yet that’s why we’re here.


We’re here to strengthen the invisible within.
Our holy connection to something bigger than ourselves.
The intelligence that makes our heart beat,
that opens the flowers and holds the stars.


That is the intelligence we’re connecting with more deeply.



It requires us to embrace whatever we feel.


Our heartbreak.
Our loneliness.
Our feeling of unsafely and lostness.
Our willingness to drop to the ground and say: “I don’t know, please help.”


It’s making the present moment more important than what swirls through our mind. To not allow fear and hatred to take root inside of us.


For if we don’t learn to be present, we’re just living out our patterns. Patterns of complaining, blaming, unworthiness and shame.
Our patterns of always seeking fulfilment and salvation outside of ourselves.
Our patterns of control, fear, hiding and running from our painful feelings.


May we find the courage, compassion and strength to hold ourselves, through these difficult times. May we soften and be there for ourselves with wide open arms.


And say: “It’s okay my child, it’s okay.”


May we weep and cry until our hearts are washed clean.


So often we fail to be a true friend to ourselves.
We abandon ourselves in moments we need our love the most.
We are in shame and the only way we know is to run, to numb to NOT feel.


Yet we can change and become a true friend to ourselves.
It takes trust, patience and courage.


Please hold yourself, my dear, please celebrate every little step toward moving through the dark, for the light is always here to support you. Always.


We’re in this together!


With love and gratitude,

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