Return to power

One Simple Practice to Return to Your Power

Dear one,


After a long time of silence, I’m celebrating.


Celebrating to be here with you. Celebrating this moment. Celebrating a new day of life. This day also happens to be my birthday and the launch of my new website:


Yes! The name changed from JoyLoveGrace to Fleur Royale. I even changed my last name to Royale to remind myself and all of you of your brilliance, magnificence, and amazing grace!


This name is to crown all of us — men and women — not for what we’ve done but for WHO WE ARE.


This website is all about awakening the beauty within so you can prosper being yourself.


In this last year, while witnessing nature very closely — I’m living in the wilderness of South Ecuador — I received a process that I call the Femme Royale process:

Root * Nourish * Prosper


This process helps you to be the woman (or man) you came here to be.


Open hearted.
Filled with love, courage and compassion.
And prosperity.


Today I’ll share with you the first phase of this process: Root.


Roots help you to stay anchored, no matter what happens around you. They help you build trust, faith, and strength. Your roots allow you to be yourself more fully.


In this video I’ll tell you a little bit about my own struggles and I’ll show a simple practice that I’ve been doing to experience more freedom, joy and, confidence.


Not from the outside, but from within.


If you struggle to face the challenges in your daily life.
If you feel scared, powerless or fearful at times.
If you lost faith with all the uncertainty in the world, this video can assist you in building your trust.
Trust in yourself and a power much bigger than yourself.


I hope it serves you.


A tree without roots cannot prosper.

With much love & appreciation


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