Use All Challenges to Rise

“What’s essential is invisible to the eye.”
– The Little Prince




I wonder what’s going on inside of you.
How you’re navigating this time of deep challenges.


I regularly feel all kinds of emotions stirring my heart.


From deep sadness for the ones who’ve lost a loved one,
for the ones that lost their job, for the ones that struggle in any other way.


I know we all get our own dose of difficulties, since we’re all in this together.
In every major challenge is the seed of incredible growth.


The question to each one of us is: Are we taking this opportunity?


Are we looking deeper into what’s kept us struggling, kept us small, kept us in a self created mental prison. Kept us in fear, in self doubt, in role playing and pleasing.


Are we looking at how we’ve been chained down by our outdated beliefs about how we should be. What kept us suffering all this time?


To me it’s because we’ve left our most authentic self.


Of course, I’m writing everything always, most of all to myself.
I know, everything I’m talking about is because I need to learn these lessons.


Today let us go into stillness together, to strengthen what’s invisible to the eye.


Our authentic self.
Our everlasting beauty.
Our endless creativity.
Our power to face whatever is in front of us.


Stillness helps us uncover, who we are beyond the conditioning of our mind.
Our never feeling good enough, worthy enough, safe enough, perfect enough.


May we use all challenges to rise.


Whether you feel lonely, overwhelmed, sad, angry, fearful or stressed out, use this to return to your breath, return to stillness, and thereby strengthen the power of your presence.


I’ve made this video in the green surroundings of my place in Ecuador.


It’s real, it’s imperfect, and hopefully it supports you in turning within and finding some of the strength.


With deep gratitude and endless love,

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