True Prosperity Audio Meditation

“See how nature—trees, grass, grow in stillness; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in stillness. . .

We need stillness to be able to feel the richness of life.”



(Credits meditation music:  © Kamal – Into Silence-A Meditation for Clarity and Purity)



Dearest friend,


Many of us unconsciously let money control their lives. We’re happy and secure when we have it and down and miserable when we don’t. “Normal” most of us would all agree on, right?


Well, actually no!


When we’re dependent on money or any outside source for our sense of safety and happiness, we’re actually disconnected from our true prosperity. The power that opens the flowers and makes the stars revolve around the sun.


When for a moment we let go of our fear based attachment to money, we can start to re-establish the connection to ourselves that is a higher form of security. It’s the kind of security that never leaves us, even when we lose all our material possessions, even when the world around us is in chaos.


Right now, be present for any sense of unworthiness, fear, lack, guilt or shame around money and ask:

What is my true value and worth when these energies are healed?




If everything was okay right now, what would I need?


Being seen for who I am?


Whatever it is give this to yourself.


No more waiting for outside conditions to change, you can give you what you need, right now.


There is NOTHING more prosperous than you being connected to YOU. To the source of who you are and where you came from. Don’t worry if you lose it for a while, it’s okay, your power is never far.


It’s waiting for you in the stillness between two thoughts, in the space of one conscious breath. It’s there beneath all the limitations, beliefs and stories that we’ve been telling ourselves.


The space in your heart, the power that breathes you, the sun on your cheeks is all abundance – YOU yourself are abundance.


It’s time to remember our true wealth and return from surviving to thriving!


I hope this true prosperity meditation assists you in reconnecting the abundance within.


Much LOVE,


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  • Ocean

    Dear Fleur,
    Thank you for your uplifted words ,all what you share with me,
    its touching the heart.
    Thank you so much and really i love it.
    Also much love and thanks for you !
    I take it inside and sit with it,
    LOVE Ocean,

    August 7, 2022 at 1:36 pm

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