The Power of Decluttering



I don’t know what came over me the last few weeks,
yet I felt an intense impulse to clean clutter.


For years I knew I had to go through the corners of my home yet I just didn’t do it.


Perhaps, because I’m more vigorously cleaning the clutter inside my mind,
my physical home needed to match that.. I really don’t know the reason yet,
what I realised is that I didn’t need most of the stuff I had 🙂


I had books that I NEVER looked at, tons and tons of note books of all the courses I once followed, journals, clothes, shoes, more clothes, wooden toys and the list goes on.


So much un-needed baggage was starting to become a real burden.


I never realised how clutter could drain my energy, my vitality and my life force. Always having the mindset of: “I might need this some day.”


This time I went fast, really fast, through all my stuff.
No thinking, just knowing what I wanted to keep and what needed to go.


At times I turned around, pulling something out of the pile of clutter, then quickly remembered: just LET GO.


My mantra became: ‘If I don’t use it and don’t love it, it needs to go!’


With every corner I decluttered, I felt more light, more spaciousness arise. All the things in our home have an energy that effect us, even if you’re not aware of it.


Clutter can contribute to chaos, depression, and low energy, so if you wonder why things feel heavy, start cleaning just one tiny place in your living space.


Every bit of cleaning is wonderful and can create miracles.



I wondered why it used to be (and still is at times) so hard for me to let go.
I came to the conclusion that it has to do with fear.


Fear of the future.


“Some day I might need that”, is coming from lack and not enough.
It comes from the thought that life is scarce and I better hold on.


The thought: “I paid a lot for this”, has also prevented me from letting go, even if I didn’t love it anymore. These thoughts clog our energy. It’s low vibration and exhausting!


Holding on gave me some false sense of security or safety. All these patterns seem insignificant yet are playing themselves out in our daily lives.


They’re the reason we keep stuck, we keep in lack, we keep blocking ourselves from so many good things. I kept reminding myself: ‘Don’t hold on to things out of lack or fear’.


Put things in a box if you really can’t let go. If you didn’t use any of the stuff inside it for some months, don’t look in the box and get rid of it.


Without knowing clutter depletes us. When we clear clutter, even the tiniest bit, we create space inside ourselves. Space for joy, renewal, inspiration, laughter and abundance.


Don’t underestimate the power of clearing clutter.
For it can have profound impact on your life.


Bless and celebrate the little steps you take, never set expectations too high. The most important thing is to be kind and gentle with yourself. Always!!


Sending many blessings and L O V E ♥️,

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