Transform your pain

How to Transform Your Pain Into Strength

Nourishing myself. . . Honestly I never really knew or even took time to understand exactly what that meant. Until I started to feel depleted. Really depleted. Almost feeling depressed kind of depleted.


You get the picture…


And the strange part is that I discovered that it was my own thinking that exhausted me most.


Of course, getting a massage, resting well, eating the foods that support you, are all a big part of your well being.


Today, however, I’m talking about a kind of nourishment and cleansing for your Soul. About being a safe place to land for yourself. No matter what happens.


It’s about noticing when you judge, neglect, tear down, even abandon your own beautiful being by being unkind.


We all know we require appreciation and love in order to grow. Nothing will grow when it is yelled at and judged continuously. Yet, we do this to ourselves all the time. Often, even without noticing. It has almost become ‘normal’.


Hardly a great environment for your precious inner light to grow in, don’t you think?!


This video is about staying true to yourself, not longer out run your discomfort and your pain.


But staying through it all. The sadness, the hurt, the frustration, and the anger.
And say: ‘You too are welcome here’.


These feelings are quite literally like your children. They want to be seen and loved. Then they’ll no longer keep creating disfunction in your life.


As long as you ignore them or run away from them and distract yourself with food, shopping, alcohol, chocolate cake, etc. (For me it used to be shopping for new clothes, now it’s chocolate. . . You know what it is for you!), you unconsciously keep the cycle of dis-ease going.


I know this all takes enormous COURAGE. It takes courage to face the darkness inside and not run away. But running away, kept me stuck, unfulfilled, and deeply lost for a long time.


This is why I share this video with you today. To help you move forward in the midst of it all. . .

And  saying YES! I can handle this, because you can!


Your mantra:

“All of me is welcome here.”



I hope this supports you, my dear.


With big oceans of love,

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