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How to Feel Prosperous in Every Moment

Dearest beauty,

I’m sitting here on my balcony.
Stars are out. The wind is blowing, howling even.
Crickets singing their nightly songs.


A blissful moment after a full day.


The house is silent.
Time to sit down and write to you.


Every night before my daughter goes to sleep she asks me: “Mom, what was the rose and what was the thorn?”
This ritual has become our moment to reflect on the day.


To take in what was precious and look at what was challenging.
It’s beautiful and I love it.
She loves it too, I can tell.


What I hear myself say most days when she asked me this question is:


“I loved it when I took your hand and we laughed so hard, we couldn’t stop”.
“I loved when I was caught up in my mind and, suddenly, I saw a beautiful red bird flying by”.
“I loved how I took a moment to breathe, feel my heartbeat, and realise how truly rich I am to be alive”.


I noticed it’s these small moments that I almost miss, that make me feel most prosperous.


The day to day.
The simple, the mundane.


In today’s video I’m shining a light on true prosperity:

~ How to recognise yourself as the Source of prosperity.
~ Why you may want to look at places in your life where you withhold love from yourself and/or others.
~ How to realign yourself so you become a living example of prosperity.


When my mind dwells on what’s missing, what’s wrong (or what could go wrong), it helps me to remember that true prosperity is always simple.


It’s what we are. It’s in every moment.
Outer prosperity flows from inner prosperity.
It must. That is the law of the universe.


Let’s look at places that could be freed up, so you can actually feel and experience that you are prosperous — no matter what!


With Blessings and love,



“We all know at some level,
prosperity doesn’t come from anything outside of us,
but from deep within.”

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