Bringing in the Light



Do you feel the turbulence in our world?
Do you feel your stomach contract and your heart racing at times?


I know I do.


At times, my heart sinks in hopeless sadness.
Yet at the same time I’m asking myself what is the highest contribution I can make to this world, right now?


If there’s ONE thing that could help my aching heart and the world, what would it be?


Time and time again, the answer is the same.


Know thyself.


There is a reason why this was inscripted on the temple of Apollo in Delphi, 2000 years ago.


Know thyself (know yourself).


To me means knowing there is a light, a holy essence that lives within each one of us. It’s timeless and indestructible.


The I am.


If we’re connected to this, we recognise our innate oneness.
We recognise everything happens for our growth.
We know there is a source moving through us sustaining us all.
We can then lay down our need to fight and be right.


Without the knowing of who we are beyond our mental and emotional conditioning, we feel separate, threatened and fearful.


Which to me is the reason why humanity is in so much trouble.


Yet, on a personal level, I know it’s so much easier to see the unconsciousness in others (and our world), and not so easy to see it in myself. I regularly judge my children for something, I can’t do myself 😉


Knowing ourselves means realising our painful thoughts, emotions, habits and beliefs are NOT who we are!


Although they keep many of us hostage in a small and limited box.
A box of fear, unworthiness and separation.


Which breeds anxiety, violence and madness.


I know when I’m connected to something deeper than my judgemental, controlling habits, I feel more peace, more joy, regardless of outer circumstances.



To me wanting to change the world or other people is not the answer.


The answer lies within ourselves—always.


How can I bow down to my own shortcomings?
How can I be more compassionate, more kind towards myself?
How can I bless and love who I am.


When we bring in the light instead of react to the darkness, we become luminous.


That’s when we can take intelligent action from a place of wisdom.
It all starts here, now—in us.


This to me is our highest contribution.


Thank you for walking this wobbly, rocky and amazing path with me.
I so deeply love and appreciate every single one of you!



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