Are You Easily Distracted? Practice this.

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”



Before I became a mom, I thought I was a pretty patient person.
That myth was quickly debunked when I received my first child 😉


The other day I was again confronted with my impatience when I was waiting for my husband. I noticed myself getting restless, bored, complaining even.


“Why is this taking so long. . .”
“Why can’t he plan stuff better. . .”
“It’s too hot. . .”


I also noticed I wanted to distract myself by getting my phone out.


Checking the latest messages, instagram, etc.
Anything to get away from this boredom.


Yet, I resisted because I’m very aware of the increasing habit in myself and my loved ones, especially my teenage child, to get distracted by getting out her phone.


How quickly are we all restless, bored, and distracted these days!


If it’s not the phone, it may be something else.
Books. Chocolate. Shopping. The next workshop.


Repetitive negative thoughts. (for me it’s all of the above, at times 😉 )


Thinking we don’t want to miss out.
Thinking there’s something outside of us that can fulfil us or make us happy.
Thinking that waiting is a waste of time.


We’re not used to allow the discomfort.
Allow the unease.
The not doing anything for a moment.


I asked myself: “What if waiting isn’t really waiting?”


What if it’s an opportunity for me to be okay, where I am at this moment.
To just be.
To notice the wonders around me.


We often think our life falls apart if we simply allow, this moment to be.


I’m not saying take no action, if it’s necessary.
This is about being aware of your own habitual behaviour.


If you pay close attention, you’ll notice we’re almost continuously on the run.


This is what today’s simple practice is about.


Whenever you’re waiting, for a friend, for an elevator, a bus, or to pay for your groceries, instead of getting your phone out:

* Notice your tendency to distract yourself.
* Observe your thoughts and emotions.
* Breathe, listen, feel the wind.
* Choose to stay with the current feeling and not run away.
* Choose to get your phone (or book, or chocolate. . .) out, or not.


It’s important not to judge yourself in this practice.
Simply noticing is enough.


Of course, it requires some slowing down, some presence to be even aware of your habits. By noticing your distractions, you deepen yourself.


You become more fully you.
And yes, more patient.


Let’s stop running away.
And instead be here.
Be home, even for just a moment.


The mobile phone has become an extension of our human mind.
It constantly screams for our attention.


Beside all the benefits it has brought, many many problems have come from our mobile devices.


And it will continue to become worse, unless we are aware, awake to the power within.
To the power to choose, instead of becoming a slave of our own life.


Always remember that nothing in this world is more important than strengthening the power within.


That’s where the wisdom resides.
That’s where the right guidance comes from.
That’s where the right decisions arise.




I’ve started to do this simple practice with my children. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


It’s okay.


Most important, let us tune out of our devices and into ourselves, more often.


Big splashes of love,

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