5 Simple Rituals to Nourish Yourself

“Nourishing yourself is not something you do,
rather it’s a way of being.”




Do you often feel you’re too exhausted and too overwhelmed to nourish yourself?
Do you see as one more thing to DO, on your already overfilled day?


I totally get it. I do too at times.


Today’s nourishing rituals aren’t meant to be another thing for you TO DO.
On the contrary, these rituals are to help you BE YOURSELF.


Be home in you.
Be at peace.
Be inspired and alive.

I now see nourishing myself
 more as a way of BEING, rather then something I need to DO.



When we’re doing things with loving attention.
When we’re rooted in being, we’re naturally nourished from within.


Living out here in the ‘wild’, makes me so much more aware of the rhythms of nature.The naturalness to expand, to give, and then to be quiet, to receive and recharge. It all flows in perfect harmony.


However, in our culture expanding and giving is much more valued which often results in exhaustion, overwhelm, and even total depletion. Things get out of balance and we think there’s something wrong with us.


NO! There is nothing wrong with you!


We’re just out of sync with our natural rhythms.
Our natural state is to slow down and rest, when needed.


We all know by now how important it is to make nourishing ourselves a priority.
Yet, I still regularly forget.


Again, I stay up too late and ignore my body’s alarm bells.
Again, I think I’m behind even before the day starts.
Again, I run around forgetting to call in some help. . .


That’s when I become impatient. Grumpy even.
My mood sinks below the level that I feel good about.


Perhaps you can relate?


None of this we should beat ourselves up on.
Let’s just take it as a warning.
A warning we forgot to listen and attune to our own inner rhythms.


At this time, where our lives seem to have become so complicated,
I feel we require some well Rooted Rituals to keep ourselves be
filled up. Inspired. Alive. Joyful.


Our life is a gift and treating it anything less, would be like not receiving the gift at all.


So here are 5 simple, yet powerful ways to nourish yourself daily.


#1 Smell Rosemary


Rosemary was thought to bring good luck. It’s a stimulating and strengthening herb, and it assists you in actually doing the things that you set out to do.


Rosemary puts you back in touch with your inner power, your self-worth, and helps you to concentrate.


It represents protection, trust, love and friendship. Ideally, have a rosemary plant in your garden or in a pot. Gently stroke the plant and hold your hands in your face to breathe in its powerful fragrance.


This immediately makes your thoughts more clear, more alive and sharper. It can help to totally uplift yourself and boost your confidence. If you don’t have a plant, rosemary essential oil works amazing as well!


Caution! Don’t use rosemary essential oil when you suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure.



#2 Make Tea


It sounds so simple, but making yourself a cup of tea in a beautiful cup and savour it, is so nourishing. It helps us to slow down, relax, and sink into the moment.


Just drinking tea, either alone, with a friend, or with my family, fills me up with flavour, joy, calmness and inspiration.


A simple tea ritual invites us to share stories, feelings, and a moment of connection to yourself and/or others. Science has not fully explained why the ancient ritual of tea has a calming influence. All I know I just love it.


#3 Vanilla


Vanilla is great to help you calm down, relax, and sooth yourself.


I can’t think of another scent that’s better at calming irritation, frustration, depression, anger and fear. Vanilla brings us back in touch with the sunny side of life. With our childlike joy and wonder. You probably know what I mean…:-)


It’s also a remarkable beautifier. Vanilla slows down ageing signs, ageing spots, and even removes wrinkles! You can either use high quality vanilla essential oil, or vanilla bean/powder to add to a smoothy, shake, or dessert.


#4 Earth Offering


The earth provides us with life energy. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the shelter under which we sleep.
Give thanks!


Earth offerings are a beautiful way to celebrate the changing of the seasons and honouring the cycles of our lives.


To create your Earth Offering:


— Gather found earthly objects: flowers, leafs, pine cones, branches, stones, sea shells, acorns — whatever you can find depending on the time of year & location.


— Say a prayer to create a sacred space. Welcome all the elements of the universe: the earth, sun, wind, moon, stars, galaxies.


— Use your breath to transmit prayers of gratitude into each object. Arrange the objects on the earth however you like. Make it lovely!


— Sit with your offering in deepest gratitude for all that the earth provides. Celebrate this moment.


— Close your sacred space and leave the offering for the earth to consume.


#5 Bless Your Water


Having clean water is a privilege we often forget. You can remember your water is a blessing, by actually blessing it before you drink it. This can be as simple as saying ‘thank you’, or saying a small prayer to your glass.


Dr. Emoto showed us many years ago, how our prayer effects the water and creates harmonious ice crystals when blessed. Since we’re all more than 70% water this loving blessing will infuse you with vitality and beauty.


All I want to say to you is: You’re amazingno matter what. Never let your inner critic tell you otherwise. Okay?!


I’d love to hear from you what ritual(s) you use to nourish yourself and keep up with the busyness of life.


I can’t wait to hear from you.


With much love and tons of blessings,

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